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How to Get an Agent or Manager

Actors, are you searching for an agent or manager and don’t know who to approach? Have you already started submitting but have had no luck? Then this is for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and tips for giving yourself the best chance to get an agent or manager (depending on where you are in the world).

1. Are Your Headshots up to Scratch?

Are your headshots up to scratch and represent you? (Check out my last blog HERE if you’re unsure about what this means). Your headshots need to look like you and represent you. They need to show the kind of roles you can play based on your looks and branding. This is important for agents so they know right away the roles you are going for and who you can play. It’s also the first thing casting directors look at so it needs to catch their attention.

2. Do You Have a Great Showreel? It’s so important to have a showreel these days. Something that catches your attention and shows both your abilities and the roles you want to play, can play and typically will be cast in. Your showreel will be submitted to casting directors to get you auditions, so you have to make sure it’s professional. You can always get it professionally made by companies in your city who will create scenes for you or help you chose perfect scenes for you and your brand if you don’t already have work to put in there or work you're happy with.

3. Is Your Resume Professionally Formatted?

In this industry, having a professionally formatted resume is a key to getting both an agent or manager and auditions. It should have your name, your contact details or agent/manager's (if you have one), your height, weight, hair colour & eye colour. Never put your age on it unless you’re under 18. Next comes your experience. Start with Film, Television, then go to Theatre, Commercials (depending on where you are, it can be best to put under available on request), then sections like online for things like web series. Next is Training and Education. List the acting classes you’ve taken and where took them. If it’s a long course like a university one, put your graduation year. Lastly, Special Skills. Put accents, abilities like singing (include your vocal range), dancing (include your specialties in dancing like ballet), sports, skills with animals, etc. Things like that. If you have trouble, seek advice from other people in the industry or a trusted site.

4. Who Are You Going to Approach?

Write a list of agencies you want to approach and reasons why so you can truly understand and think why plus put it in your submission. Take a look at the clients already in their books to see if there is already someone with your look. Most agencies won’t have more than one person with similar looks or that go for the same roles because they want to show casting directors only one person they believe in. After sorting through that list, order them from one (highest wish/dream) to however many you have with the last number being the last one you want to sign with. Aim high but be realistic. Start applying with three or four choices then if you don’t hear back in a few weeks, slowly make your way down that list.

5. Is Your Email Professional?

No matter what, make sure you write a professional email to whoever you’re submitting to. This means sounding professional, not desperate, and having no grammar or spelling mistakes. Triple check everything. You only get one chance at a first impression. If you know who runs the agency or management or are approaching a certain person within the company, find their email on IMDB Pro and email directly to them, using their name. Tell them why’d you be a good client and why you want to sign with them. List any awards you’ve won or notable projects you’ve been in and what makes you different from the clients they already have. Is there anything special about you that you can include? If so, include it. Make sure to attach your headshot, resume, and a link to your showreel. Don’t follow up if you haven’t heard back within a month, just understand it wasn’t a perfect fit and move on. Someone will believe in you. P.S. it helps if you have a recommendation or a professional in the industry that can send emails to agents they know!

And that’s it! My top questions to ask yourself before submitting. Hope this helps and don’t forget to subscribe! Good luck and see you next time!


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